Four Signs It’s Time For A Rebrand

Rebranding your business is no small undertaking. Hiring a designer is a big financial investment and it can be intimidating to know where to start the process, and when it’s the right time.

Here are four signs that it might be time to consider hiring a brand designer for a refresh.


It’s totally normal for your business to evolve, especially in the first few years. As your business goals and desires evolve, your branding should too. It feels like there’s a big push to get your branding perfect right away, but if you’re not clear on the intention and goals of a branding project…it’s may not be as profitable for your business as you think. The most successful full-scope branding projects tend to be with clients who have experience operating in their brand space, have clarified their goals, and have a better understanding of where they want to take their brand in the future. Having real-world data and insights on customer behavior can and should be leveraged in a successful branding project. If you’ve been in business for a while and feel like you’re hitting your groove but something is holding you back, it may be time for a rebrand.


If you feel a lack of consistency across your brand and every time you create an Instagram post you feel like you’re going back to the drawing board, it’s probably time for a rebrand. One of the primary functions of successful branding is to be able to build awareness and recognition among your ideal audience. If you can’t clearly name your brand colors, explain the application of your brand fonts, or articulate your brand tone, then your audience definitely won’t be able to. Brand Guidelines are a recipe for success and offer a set of structured rules for you to explore your brand and express creativity…while simultaneously building stronger recognition among your audience.


Maybe it’s because you’ve changed your offerings, or adjusted who your ideal customers are. Your brand should be designed to directly target your ideal audience base. You should be able to clearly articulate and identify who the core customers or clients of your business are, and have a deep understanding of their purchasing behaviors. If the leads landing in your inbox aren’t making you jump for joy, or you’re struggling to get in front of the right people, it’s probably time for a refresh.


When you look at your brand touch-points and the work you create, you should feel a synergy between your work and your brand presence. It should feel like all of the pieces of your business and brand are working together to showcase your services or products in the best light. A client should be able to clearly identify that your website, a social post, and an email all came from your brand…even if the logo isn’t there. If you feel like your spaces aren’t aligned…it might be time for a rebrand.

There’s no shame in the DIY game and making what you have work for you! But if you find yourself struggling in any of these areas it may be a sign that you’ve outgrown your current branding.

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